Rebalance Token — (RBAL V3)— A new journey

Press Release: 2nd May, 2021

Rebalance Project (RBAL) is proud to announce the launch of its new website. You can visit the new site here @ .With the launch of this site, the structure of project will also change. Rebalance Project is introducing a new Governance token. The name is the Token will be Rebalance Governance Token. Its symbol will be RBAG. It will be launched on Quickswap ($Quick) initially and users will be able to buy it from a starting price of $25. The initial pair will be Matic — Rbag
Eventually a bridge will be provided to convert VGTG to RBAG at a fair market conversion rate.
RBAL and mRBAL will be converted to RBAL V3 with several new features. The bridge to convert will be launched and will also provide a fair market conversion rate. The launch date of RBAL V3 is not decided yet.
Rebalance Day 1 NFT will be released before RBAL V3. Several other NFT’s are under development and will be used in the RBAL V3 echo-system.
Roadmap for Rebalance Project activities will be updated regularly on the new website.
$mRBAL, $Rbag and $RBALV3 Wallet/DApp will be released on the website in coming days. It is in beta testing phase and will be work in progress as we add new features to the product.