ReBalance Token

2 min readDec 8, 2020


Rebalance Token is bringing a revolutionary concept in Ethereum Token echosystem, variable fee distribution to holders based on trades. Holders will get fees as high at 25%.

ReBalance Token
A variable distribution Ethereum Token

Rebalance is based on FlowProtocol. FLOW features non-dilutive transactionless inflation, automatically increasing the balance of each holder daily without the need for a single transaction. Rebalance charges a variable transaction fee based on smart logic and re-distributes that fee to existing Rebalance Token holders instantly and automatically at the time of each transaction.

Mega fees for Holders

if Trade <= 100, Fee paid to holders is 18%
if Trade <= 1000, Fee paid to holders is 20%
if Trade <= 10000, Fee paid to holders is 22%
if Trade > 10000, Fee paid to holders is 25%

Token Details:

Token Name : Rebalance Token
Token Symbol: RBAL
Technology / BlockChain : Ethereum ERC 20 Token
Total Supply : 10,000,000 RBAL
Pre-Sale and Uniswap : 6,000,0000 RBAL
Farming Rewards : 2,000,000 RBAL
Development Efforts : 2,000,000 RBAL

Smart Contract Address : 0x670981b4975fb8e396031702a36150b13b6694e2

Whitelisting : Not Required
Locked Liquidity : Yes (Based on Pre-Sale Goal)

About The Project

Rebalance Token is a variable fee distribution Ethereum Token. The fee is based on the amount of tokens traded. Holders will get more fees if user trade higher amounts. We are planning to cap fees to 25% max.
The yield will come from transfer fees instead of newly minted tokens. Rebalance has a fixed cap of 10M. After earning fees, the percentage of the total supply you own will increase until holders decide to sell their tokens.
Rebalance is based on FlowProtocol because FLOW does not need to be staked or locked into a contract to receive inflation, therefore it can be applied to the full range of DeFi applications while still achieving its distribution target.




Ethereum Token created for experimental purposes, the concept will be improved based on the results of this project.